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North Carolina Hip-Hop Is Making Noise

Alot of great things come from N. Cacky Lacky but who would ever think that NC Hip Hop Sites would be one of them. HipHop had taken the world by storm and it no longer thought as being a FAD by some of our white counterparts. Rap music videos are everywhere and having the internet with websites like Myspace and and YouTube makes it that much easier.

nc hip hop sites North Carolina hip-hop is growing amongst the craze for this kind of music too. Rappers are starting to form alliances to really put that state on the map.

Always known for it's college basketball team they are trying to change that. By sticking together in studio meetings and spreading the news around the south they are trying to mimic the success of Atlanta Georgia where superstar rappers have been created. Just incase you forgot who I'll name a few...Ludacris, T.I., Lil' Jon, Lil' Scrappy, Dj Unk and Outkast to keep it simple. That's about 600 million dollars worth of success listed in that previous sentence.

Everybody is chasing the branded fame of state hype. New York and California had it locked down for a while but then Texas and Georgia hit the map with Dirty South lyrics. Artist like Papoose and MIMS are trying to bring New York back but they are struggling against the Down South flow. The sound coming out of North Carolina is a little different though.

They still rock crunk beats but the raps are more thoughtful.

What I mean by that is it's not a mike jones flow but a lloyd banks or jadakiss type of rhyming. Take that and through it on a heavy drum laid beat and it's sounds pretty damn good. I think Petey Pablo is from this part of the region and if he is then he is about the only successful hip hop artist to come from those parts in a long time. Not sure if the rapgodfathers would approve of that.

Turn on your radio right now and chances are you will not hear not one rapper from N.C. in a rotation of a 4 hour period. That's got to hurt if you are trying to rep that state huh? I been following a couple of people though through forums and blogs and we will probably see something big happen here in the next two years or so. Let me tell you there are some dudes and at least two females that I know personally that is grinding those streets with mixtapes trying to get noticed. I also want to tell you that they are not amatuers either, the beats and the lyrics are ridicously hot and thorough.

Next time you think of North Carolina you might want to get out of the habit of thoughts on March madness and the duke Blue Devils. Hip-Hpo is alive in those parts and it's only a matter of time before a superstar breaks into the music industry from N.C. and along with him or her will come an entire state of fans.