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Mr Shadow Rapper - Chicano Hip Hop Artist

Nope It's Not Rap Sensation Lil Rob

If you are really following hip-hop then you have heard about the one they call mr. shadow rapper. Yup, hes of mexican decent. Mr Shadow RapperReal name is Jose Anguiano from California.

Now I really get into rap so I am networking on the internet all the time and when you do this you come across very interesting information.

Friends in forums and blogs contribute great information about artist entering the game from all kind of nations.

San Diego is known for alot of things but another mexican rapper?

Many people know ya' boy Mr. Sancho but how many people keep up with the hiphop merry-go-round to know anything about Chicano rap artist Jose Anguiano.

I have heard some mp3s of some of his music and I have to tell you that you are not going to get anything different from what's being played in the streets on mixtapes right now.

He a gang banging thug type of artist, at least that's what his lyrics portray. I read in a forum that he's part of a gang calling themselves Woptown Krazies that set trip over Amici Park in Little Italy.

Since he is kickin' it on the west coast it's only right that he come across and colab and work with people in the rap industry like Daz Dillinger (DPG), Baby Bash and yes Lil Rob to name a few.

Latin rappers and singers are getting more and more popular within the United States and they are starting to get the attention of major labels too. Photos of these guys and girls are popping up all over the internet too. The pics come along with mp3 song refernces and downloads most of the time. The West Coast Rap scene still houses most of the chicano hip hop artist because the latino or should I say Brown Pride community is more preveleant there. Spanish is now the minority in the USA so it won't be long before you see the hispanic hip-hop market explode into the multi-billion dollar market rap has made and done for the hiphop culture.

If you are into joining or are already a member of a bulletin board then you recognize the power they possess as a community right now. Blogs are starting to pop up around the world wide web completely written and published in spanish about hip-hop rappers. Now I like reading journals but I gotta tell you that I don't understand a lick of Espanol. Blogging is something I do and when I mention people like shadow I just keep it real generic and definately in english. Now him on the other hand with it being that the number of albums he been on, over a hundred you have to know that some have been in Spanish. Whoa! Do ya' thang playa' and keep getting your chips. If you get an opportunity to read this article shoot me some free music and I will throw it up on this page right here for ya'.