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Mims This Is Why Im Hot Video

This song and musicdownload is New York's #1 listen

Have you heard mims this is why im hot and wondered what samples did he use? Well of course you have. The remix mp3 is very sick too with the Jaimacan flavor on it. The lyrics or should I say lurics are sub-par but they will work for the reimix and other free music downloads.

Billboard says that MIMS is the number one listen and musicdownload in the country plus it's the first runaway hip hop smash hit for the year 2007. The album hasn't even been dropped yet which will be titled Music Is My Savior and set to release on March 27th through capitol records.

So who is this guy? Well his government name is Shawn MIMS and he hails from the state of New York coming from the Washington Heights neighborhood. As a teenager he started messing around with turntables and quickly found a profound knack for Djing.mims this is why im hot

Ya' boy even featured a spot in Baby Blue soundcrew's track that was nominated for Best Video in the Canadian Much Music Awards by the age of 20 years old. Now peep this, the song you now hear on the radio and download to your cellphone via ringtones was released by non other than him on an independent ticket. The track then was scoped out and picked up by local radio stations who then brought out the big boys with the big checks at Capitol Records for the deal. I didn't catch how much the deal was for but I'm sure it will place him in the millionaire club when it's all said and done.

Online this song is a beast and through the social networking of hip-hop websites he will be around and making hot records for a minute. New York was hanging it's hat on Papoose as the savior for upnorth rappers but it looks like he was smashed to the punch. Photos are surfacing around the internet and forums and journaling groups are keeping the buzz on this young man. I even have a blog entry myself on the PR Press Release sent directly to me from Sony via email. What I'm telling you here is that he is breaking hiphop records like 50 Cent did and if you are not watching him for rap star power then you are tripping. He will be receiving awards in the future for Best New Hip Hop artist or hip-hop artist of the and see. Chamillionaire did it and his numbers didn't even come close to what MIMS is doing.

In the words of Jay-Z, "Men Lie, Women Lie but Number Don't". Wow! That statement is strong all by itself and you don't need any hype or media to push it. Finding information on this young rapper will not be hard for anybody looking for it. I'm sure VH1, MTV and BET will be all over this one.