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Lyrics to new songs All Artist Included

Even the Gospel Words of Yolanda Adams and Kirk Franklin

Every week there are lyrics to new songs hitting the internet. Lyrics to new songsIf you don't have a place to go like our website then you will always be behind. There is nothing more annoying than trying to sing the words to your favorite artist and getting stuck or embarraing your self infront of friends and family. I mean we all know the words to 12 days of christmas and silent night but what about tupac?

Kirk Franklin songs are extremely popular on the web and that's why we are here. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of Rock-n-Roll, Country, Rnb or Hip Hop we provide you with everything. Don't let the fact that we are a hip-hop website fool you. The databases we are hooked into have over 600,000. The 1980s music lyrics are popular now and making a serious come back. I guess when you are looking to do some Karaoke they come in handy.

With all the new albums and artist hitting the music entertainment field daily you can go absolutely crazy trying to keep up with the lyric world. The eighties were hot no doubt and gospel hymns are always in but what about these Pop stars and hip-hop Rock artist? Do these ladies and gents ever sleep? Anyway, the cool thing about our site is that the lyric database is absolutely positively free. I don't car if you are looking for short poems or songtext from pop punk or emo we have it covered.

Nothing better either than accessing the information 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Unless you shut the freakin' internet down we will have what you need. Search for anything and BAM, it will appear within a split second. Now I know that I saying alot here but try me and see. Plus if we don't have it you can submit them yourself or email us to get them listed ASAP. Words to songs are so relaxing and they mean so much to each individual soul on many different levels. There has been many times that I have cried or been extremely happy or excited over music. This is the main reason movie sound tracks do so well in sales. It's a driving force behind American society and events and you will more than likely hear a tune before or during any major event in the United States. It would be a down right shame if you can't sing along because you didn't have the words.

You might want to start by just picking out your favorite artist and looking at their entire discography and learning all the words to the music they sing or rap etc..etc..This can be a little challenging but I promise you that you could never qualify for number one fan unless this happens 'cause trust me there are hundreds of people who already know this and are moving on the videos dance steps and other information about that artist.