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List of Gay Rappers

Who Is Suspected to Be Homosexual or Bisexual

Is there really a  list of gay rappers   because everybody in the hip hop communities want to know. Well unfortunately there is no official list only speculation of who is and who is not. Rap music is suppose to be hardcore or at least on a street level so it makes it difficult to pinpoint a carpet muncher or a pillow biter.

List of Gay Rappers

Homosexual and bisexual rappers do exist though don't think this is a far fetched story or some make believe fairytale because it is not. We know of one rap artist who is flaming straight up and that's Caushun known as the Gay Rapper  . There are others but they are really on the DL so we will have to make some speculations here based on no public relationships and things like that.

Okay here is the list I come up with right off the bat and there are many more but I'm not trying to make this a deep discussion here:

  • Queen Latifah 
  • Da Brat 
  • MC Lyte 

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Music is an art and there is always a fruity person involved when it comes to arts especially in bands. There are many forums who expand on the information I'm speaking on now and some even have video footage of some rappers you may have never thought would be on that list.

You can hide from regular fans but this journaling thing is much more aggressive kinda like politics. Blogging is of course heading up the brass balls of nosiness and it's alive 24 hours 7 days a week with pics and news search.

rappers are sharing some weird interest these days and some of it is not cool with the rest of the hip hop world. Celebrities use to just shock us with who they were dating but now it's moved into Lesbian and LGBT type shit. I even found a rap artist name in the classifieds looking for love...I won't say her name though. Social bonding is getting a bit ridiculous these days with online access to all you can handle.