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Jessica Alba Revealing is the best thing on earth

Jessica Alba nakedJessica Alba naked pics are hot and I have been checking for this chick since I seen the movie Honey.

Now she is one of the females on the web that people are searching for trying to see her boobs and of course see her naked.

When Jess made the movie Good Luck Chuck and displayed those penguin panties I knew that her rss feeds and picture gallery searches would be ridiculous as far as numbers are concerned. The only thing she needs to do now is have sex on tape and call up Ray J for some marketing advice.HHMC

Many people are searching right now for Fakes of this celebrity to make money or shame her but real is real. It will not be long before you will be able to see Jess exposed in some form or fashion far worse than panties or bra shots. I believe we will soon see a crotch shot as the media is desperately trying to get one becuase it's worth millions.

7She has been married about four times in the movies and the big question will be will she ever get hitched for real. Eva Longoria has tied the knot with a NBA basketball player so maybe Jess who is just as fine will hook up with someone in the National Basketball League.