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Jada Pinkett and Tupac Shakur

Also Old Movie Trailers of Tupac

Jada Pinkett and Tupac ShakurJada Pinkett and Tupac Shakur were not lovers as most people believe they were. Mrs. Pinkett-Smith was an art student in the Baltimore School for Arts.

It was at this prestigious school where she met soon to be legendary 2Pac Amaru Shakur.

They developed a very close friendship which may have crossed the lines of kissing a few times or more.

In Old Movie Trailers Tupac speaks about their friendship but never mentions anything more than a friend aspect to it. I do know that later in life after Pac was shot she donated one million dollars to a fund in his name that dealt with new poetry he had penned.

The hip hop star had an all about you attitude to life and was quick to unblock attitude toward cameras when he found himself in trouble which was alot.

They say that the recordings of the song hit em up was the beginning of changes in his life that led to the cause of death which was a homicide shooting in Las Vegas.

That horrible murder is believed to have spawned the biggie shooting who is another legendary rapper that fell to a murder. I wish he would have just recorded more records like thug mansion and simply sported his cross tattoo in a way of tranquility instead of hatred and thug life.

So why is tupac famous? Many reasons! The quotes of Tupac will last forever as their are hundreds of websites on the Internet dedicated to his poetry, lyrics and mp3 rap songs. Outside of super rap artist like 50 Cent, Eminem and Snoop Dogg who all knew and worked with or around his music, Pac is the only hip-hop entertainer to be loved by almost every other rapper.

His autopsy and pictures of him are all over the web and are constantly being plastered on t-shirts and other clothing items. The biography is still open because the killer has yet to be brought to justice. The naked truth is he or she may never be in a court of law to answer for his death.tupac got to survive

If you are a 2Pac fan then make sure you collect his albums and watch every one of his videos so you can really understand who this African American man was. He was more than a celebrity who was the son of a mother who participated as a Black Panther.

Celebrity news blogs remember him every year on the date of his shooting and bloggers post pics of him that everyone who wants to morn over. Last but not least his discography is just as important and interesting as his filmography and roles he played in those films.

Unlike Elvis Presley I can't name 20 Reasons Tupac Is Alive. I'm certain that he is not with us anymore. We will all remember and love Tupac Amaru Shakur for what he brought to the hip-hop world. Thank you!!