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If I Ruled The World Rapper

We all know that this rap artist is Nas

If I Ruled The World RapperDid you know that the if I ruled the world rapper was nasir?

This is one of the illest songs that was penned by nas and the accompanaying Lauryn Hill. Man when I first heard the music from the song I was blown away.

It was so different. The Fugees were very hot back then and when Lauryn decided to colaborate with nasir it was over.

Rap artist Nas has many photos and the lyrics he has written over the last past 10 years are nothing but fire. Boy when he recorded Hip Hop Is Dead it was an extremely controversal track within the hip-hop community.

Rappers like Lil' Wayne was offended but really when you think about it Nas is right. It's not the same man. There is no balance amongst the hip-hop artist and the friends or networking partners of the big boys are not getting along especially in New York.

Blogs and groups have ruled the hip-hop culture now for over 7 years on the internet and Nasir has been part of all the major conversations that has went down across the world wide web.

About 5 years ago I joined a blogging community for artist and bands and we have been sharing information about ral through journaling and forums everyday. Journals report anything about any major recording rap artist you can think of. The power of the net is ridicoulous yo.

You can even search for info on hall of fame rappers like Kurtis Blow. Even the pics are strong within the social networks. Underground is thriving thorugh these chats rooms and when it comes to download music you can't beat it either. Free radio stations give you a good basis of a song coming out but never get further than commercial appeal. Plus unless you are watching something like youtube you will hardly ever see an underground music video especially for free. It Was Written in the past that rap would never make it to be big that it was just a FAD. Whoa I wish I knew the asshole who wrote that personally.

Companies like rhapsody and other cd stations have tried to bring to hip hop heads the flavor that they seek but with only providing the commercial hits and nothing close to a mixtape they are failing miserably.