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I Want My Name in Ghetto Graffiti Letters

Bombing your letters to create murals for the world

I Want My Name in Ghetto Graffiti Letters so the world can see how beautiful it can be when a tagger places it on public display with vivid aerosol colors.

I Want My Name in Ghetto Graffiti Letters

If a choice could be made the contract for such a job would go to the ill artist Stash who did a pair of stussy Nike and some bathing ape sneakers that killed the shoe game.

That's a hard statement for me to make though because there are so many murals world-wide done by networking spraypaint friends of mine that are crazy too.

This has to be one of the coolest pieces of wall characters that I have seen in 10 years.

Tagging or what some people call bombing is so large now it's ridiculous. From what was started in the heart of wired New York subway trains and walls has branched out in many different countries to become a well accepted form of artistic expression. Grafiti friends sharing photos now across the internet can get tips about characters alife and they can also login into a forum or bbs bulletin board to network with thousands of hard hitting alphabet taggers. I here there will be a mural dedicated to the fallen rapper Pimp C in texas.

I was on one website and I came across michael lou, dave kinsey and derrick hodgson in a posting about graffiti. Now that was a crazy day to see all those high powered names in one posting. The discussion was cool too no nonsense topics. I also came across some of these heavy hitters in relax magazine and a skateboarding ezine featuring Lupe Fiasco, barry mcgee and evan hecox. I read all the lodown information about struggle inc and doze nozzles.

Now up above I mentioned sneakers. I happen to love them and have alot of player exclusives in my possession. I thinking about letting supreme put some on consignment at the busyworkshop up north. I might even visit zoo york while I'm there with a pair of lick friendly Nike SB's. Now what does that have to do with graffiti? Well it's all part of the Hip Hop culture now just ask cody hudson. It doesn't matter if you are wearing holy marked denim jeans or if you are suited and booted. Hip-Hop is here to stay and Graffito is very much a part if it.

If you have a fresh pair of bapesta shoes just remember that nothing drives those brand sneakers more than rap music and street art.