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I Love New York Naked

She Has A Set Of New Breast and Everything

No you won't see i love new york naked on this website. However, you will get some great pictures of her and the cast members of the VH1 hit show.

i love new york naked

You might be able to find some great pics on the official page of Tiffany but as for us we just give you the meat and skip the potatoes. The Celebreality of this woman will help you find many other things in the future especially after the series ends and they declare a winner. Not sure if that will be 12 pack but it will be very interesting to see.

Now you know she has some money now because one of the first things she did was buy some new breast. Wow! I wonder if that was in the contract she signed to do the show. Entertainment can be shady you know. Being a celebrity comes with some heavy burdens sometimes too. Hollywood can chew you up and spit you out when it's done with you. Fox movies released an article about that. So what is the recap on Tiffany anyway? Lets see, she got dumped by Flava Flav twice afetr he slept with her as many as three times right?

Man the VSPOT tells it much better than me with the videos and all. Anyway About the Series, it really gives people more Reasons to Love New York City if you ask me. Vh1 is really good at creating great reality shows like Celebrity Fit Club and Flavor of Love. I even thing Hogan Knows Best is a pretty good thing considering he is old and washed up now. "NO WHAT i MEAN BROTHER?" Tiffany from I Love New York

Survivor started all this mess and i think it's still going as of now, dunno how long it will last but it's been at least 8 years so far. I suspect Tiffany will do well when the episodes are all finished. If she has any since at all she will take a massive amount of pictures like Deelishes , Bootz , Buckeey  and Hoopz . You, they are all getting close to naked nude in magazines and video shoots now. I read a couple of blogs about what else they are doing and it's kind of funny. Plus the Rapper the Gam did a song explaining how they are all over hip hop rappers.

Man a TV show sure can change thigs in the financial department. I think ya' girl is even going to get some money for DVD sales unless VH1 just paid her a lump sum upfront. Either way it's all good for her in that department. Maybe she will spend some of that money to help her ugly mother to get re-done. In the words of Beyonce she needs to be Upgraded. and what about the weak ass daddy. I don't think they even allowed him to come to an episode shooting. Wow! What did they do tell him to keep his butt home. Couldn't be me yo'.

The next question is will the MTV network have another Casting Call for a season three starring, you guessed it Chance. Will New York and Chance be together or even get married. Nah! I doubt it. I think he will hit that for a couple of months spend some of her money on his daughter and then bounce when he has made a nmae for himself. Cats like Mr. Boston and Tango Patrick have already done that from the mangeant. Lets see where their careers go.