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How Old Is Ludacris the Rapper

How Old Is Ludacris the Rapper

How Old Is Ludacris

Chris Bridges was born on September 11, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia to two college-aged parents.

Before he could talk, he was taken to college parties by his mother and father. When he was twelve years old, he joined a Hip Hop group called Loudmouth Hooligans. At his College Park Banneker High School, Chris used to battle other students in the lunchroom. He then began rapping at local talent shows and clubs. Chris's career began to take-off when he got a job at the then new radio station, Hot 97.5. Chris, who called himself Chris Luva Luva while on air, produced the station's night show and rapped promos over hit songs.

From his job, he was able to earn enough money to create his first independent album, Incognegro. He also took rap name Enough. Incognegro was released by Enough own record label: Disturbing the Peace Entertainment. The first single, What's Your Fantasy, had an average of 500 spins a week on Atlanta radio stations. The album also sold 30,000 albums in three months.