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How Old Is Chris Brown

How Old Is Chris Brown

How Old Is Chris Brown
  • Born: 5 May 1989
  • Birthplace:  Tappahannock, Virginia
  • Best known as: The teen R&B sensation who sang "Run It"

Chris Brown was only 16 years old when he hit the top of the charts with his pop-flavored R&B single "Run It." Brown's fresh-faced good looks and sweet songs of young love made him a teen heartthrob, with music critics comparing him to Michael Jackson and Usher.

Brown grew up in a small town northwest of Richmond, Virginia, where he started planning a singing career in his early teens. By 2004 he had a record deal with Jive Records and a crew of experienced producers assigned to mold his songs into radio-friendly hits.

His eponymous first album was released in November of 2005, with the single "Run It" followed up the charts by "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)." The single "Gimme That" was a summertime hit in 2006 and Brown's ballad "Say Goodbye" was included in the soundtrack for the movie Step Up (2006, starring Channing Tatum).