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How Did the Rapper NAS Mother Die

Nasir Jones Was Crushed By His Moms Death

Fans of Queensbridge rap artist want to know How Did Rapper NAS Mother Die.

How Did the Rapper NAS Mother DieWell like the many woman who fall yearly Mr. Jones's mother died of cancer.

When she was diagnosed with the disease he was truly going through some things.

It was the year that he was recording the album Gods son and not only did his mother get sick with cancer but his longtime girlfriend Carmen cheated on him.

Nasir was crushed by the events happening in his life but we as fans got some great music out of it like the single "I Can". that record was very emotional and heart filling and the video even got nomiated for a MTV Award back in 2003.

Since the tragedy of his mom NAS has been low key but still deadly with those rap lyrics. Music is in his blood literally...remember his dad was a jazz musician named Olu, Dara. This New York rapper is no stranger to good tunes by far. If you read reviews then you know that he is among the legendary names of hip-hop. What people am I speaking of...

  • Rakim
  • Jay-Z
  • Lauryn Hill
  • Notorious BIG
  • De La Soul
  • Q-Tip

The UK - BBC and far east Japan and more love his style as well as of course the united states where he will go down in hiphop history. His vibe is crazy and he will be able to bow out gracefully in the arms of his fine wife Kelis when he gets ready.

for a minute I thought he would never make it as many times as he switched label mates but ending up with Jay-Z he is prepared to record a colaboration album that will surely allow him to retire and move on with his life as a retired rap artist.

Celebrities rarely get a chance to move on without those... as Kanye West would say "Flashing Lights" but I think he will since he doesn't have celebrity oops files. Rappers like Lil Wayne and more will not be able to do this due to tarniched records.

Nas has an impressive discography and if you are a true fan of rap music then you must have his collection of albums to be an official hip hop listener. New entertainers like Soulja Boy and DJ Unk are not going to make any Hall of Fame votes in my book.