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How Did the Rapper Fat Pat Die

Patrick Lamont Hawkins Was A 1990's Phenomena

How Did the Rapper Fat Pat DieHow Did the Rapper Fat Pat Die and leave the hip-hop community mourning? Well for those who are really concerned Pat left us while he was trying to collect some money from a promoter from a show he performed at.

He went to this guys apartment on February 3rd in 1998 and was shot dead trying to collect that cash. The cops said he was found face down on the floor.

Apparently someone did not like him and shot him right on the spot while he waited on the money.

Not sure how things were back then but I'm not sure why he didn't collect his dough at the show like every other rap artist that does shows.

It's called Gate money and you are suppose to get that ASAP. He had friends in his squad so I wonder why he was rolling solo. Where was the Screwed Up Click?

Hip Hop has had some major tragedy moments in the 90's and this was definitely one of them along with Tupac and Notorious BIG's death. Lyrics last forever as long as they get recorded though and he did leave us the debut album Ghetto Dreams which did get released.

As a respectfully gesture in moves major recording artist showed up to the release party including Scarface, Willie D, DJ Skew who later died and The South Park Mexican. Blogs still speak about this fallen hip-hop soldier as they do 2Pac and Biggie. Rap gossip bloggers pay tribute every year by posting a article about him and maybe a free mp3 they have in their massive stashes of music libraries.

Texas has a bunch of nice rappers which include the following list:

  • Bun B
  • Mike Jones
  • Pimp C (Rest In Peace)
  • Paul Wall
  • Chamillionaire
  • Lil Flip

You can even mention power house groups like the hot boys and still be well within the margin of respect. Artist come and go and soon there will be many to pass away we just have to make sure we love on them while they are with us because they make our lives a little easier with their written lyrics.