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Hoopz in a Thong from Flavor of Love

The deal is Nikki Alexander aka hoops is a star

I wanted to see hoopz in a thong every since I seen her on the flavor of love. I knew she was bad from what I could see on the show. She was sexy in here shorts and even beautiful when she was madd and about to break New York off.

Hoopz in a Thong

Now there are pics all over the internet of this shorty. Many rap stars have been at Nikki too including the superstar rapper from the dirty south T.I. They were spotted kickin' it at a sports bar. I don't blame you "Tip", I completely understand. When I looked for these shots I searched flickr and I even looked through some websites that carried myspace graphics and then BAM! My boy hooked me up.

flavor of loveNikki Alexander aka hoops has been very busy taking photos half naked and in bikinis. VH1 launched her into the hip hop honeys model gallery scene big time. Ya' buy Flav had no chance at all of locking this freak down.

A reality show was her ticket to fame, money and success. That was no news to me though. Television always gives people a big head. The best time to catch them is before they hit the TV. Afterwards you are dealing with a Celebreality wanna be. It has happened to them all including Deelishis, Bootz and Buckeey.

hoops from flavor of lovePop Culture brings some heavy prices and these women sell out to it everyday. That's why the game the rapper made the song featuring Kanye West "Wouldn't Get Far" ragging on Melyssa Ford and Hoopz. Of course the industry gossip is that they bone madd niggas to get where they need to be. I knew from watching the show that there would be a season 2 because they received a bunch of viewers that year.

Message Boards and forums literally dog these women out about how they handle themselves. Tiffany or should I say "Ms. New York" came up by snatching a VH1 show "I Love New York" but the rest of these chicken heads are just doing what they do best which is pose half nude with a bikini thong on.

Top Shows always end up going borderline porn with sex and other things being shown on their reality shows. They are better than traditional Soap TV and Vh1 knows this better than anybody. Episodes will always have controversy and fighting because that sells ad space. 1That's a page right out of the Jerry Springer handbook. Hoops is getting crazy exposure now and that is driving the sales of calenders and magazines and other photo shoots. I wouldn't be surprised if she came out with some type of DVD. Ya' girl Buffie the Body has. I have already seen her in Rap Videos. Cinema ritics will not place the now video vixen on the silver screen though. So the dream of becoming one of the rich girls such as playbot mate models or real actresses is far fetched. Maybe she can get a spot on celebrity mole or something...hmm, dunno about that either.