History of Gangs including Crips, Bloods and MS-13

Gang Hand Signs Do You Know Yours?

How deep does the history of gangs go? Well it's so dang deep that I can't fit it all in this here article. So What I'm going to do is speak from my own words about the entire movement. Well, where should I start crips or bloods members?

History of Gangs

Okay, B comes before C so lets talk about that deadly color of blue. Now the trick here is to tie in the bangin' with Hip Hop. Oh, well that's easy all I have to do is show you this picture of Snoop Dogg.

Check out the Gang Hand signs this dude is settin' up. Whoa! Certified crip walking in that photo. I wonder if Stanley "Tookie" Williams knew that it would reach this level of grindin'.

I don't think so. Speaking of Tookie the records show that the blue came before the red in this gangin beef. Also it never started out as killing.

It started out as homies just getting together to protect leaders in the community because the government was merckin local power house leaders. after that the bloods hit the scene and grew to huge organizations like Piru.

All this is costing African American madd lives and a ridiculous percentage of prison inmates numbers. Check the Internet for pictures of the niggas who have been slayed in the streets in California alone. Crazy numbers.History of Gangs

Snoop Dogg must be crazy, he is a millionaire and he is still bangin' like he is in the streets. Blue Bandana flying but he don't really set trip!

Real gangsters are low key and don't get involved in a bunch of publicity. The last real G that crushed the public and got away with it for the most part was Gotti. Now lets be real, today the family is still worth millions and operate in New York just as strong as they did in the Early 80's late 90's. Most of the bangers I see or know are broke as hell and don't even know why they pack tech n9nes or AK's.

Okay, since we are talking about madd money let's talk about a well-known blood. This dude has crazy loot and he is still talking about being in the streets and reppin' gangs violence. Who you ask...........Yup! The Rapper the Game. Why? Shouldn't you be somewhere on stage selling tickets or promoting your got damn shoe. Here is why I'm hot about this matter.

Black men like this finally get a chance that 99 percent of most African American males will never get and they choose to stay negative. Then on top of that because they are not organized they have lost the ground they built with being the inventor of gang bangin'. To Who you ask?

Have you ever heard of MS-13.  Right the Latino gangs are the biggest and most dangerous members in the USA. PERIOD. Go look up the numbers or watch the news or MSNBC. Unless you have been under a rock or somethin' you know this is an undisputed truth. Now someone please explain to me how Mexicans have become the most dangerous bangers in this great Nation of the United states of America. Think about that! What's happening with out women too, chicks like buffie the body.

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