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History On Rap or Hip Hop

Hip-Hop Is Deep and Rappers Lead the Culture

I Is I said it once I have said it a million times history on rap or hip hop is one and the same, sorta. history on rap or hip hopThe music is the number one driving force of the very large culture known as hiphop.

We can get into legendary artist like nwa or even founding Djs like dread head Kool Herc from the old school but it would take all day.

So what I will do is talk about a little gansta information and commercial appeal and to help you keep from searching the entire internet I will provide some great links to other websites.

Underground Hip-Hop is what started the entire thing. What I mean by that is the kids on the city blocks and neighborhoods use to kick it all day on corners and benches rapping to guys deejaying on the ones and twos (Those are turntables for my hiphop novice).

As far as I know it was the city of New York that started it all. But lets fast forward a little to California where some guys by the names of Easy-E, Dr. Dre', MC Ren, Ice Cube and you guessed it Dj Yella started something that has taken a life of it's on.

They formed the group N.W.A. (Niggaz With Attitude) which is the biggest group to come out of Cali when it comes to gansta rap and they are still the biggest. They changed history with their albums. They just didn't write words that rhyme, they spit hardcore lyrics that threatened police and degraded women and warned other rappers about getting out of line. The west coast was officially on the map. Even now turned actor, hip-hop artist Ice T. one of the true playaz of the west got in on the hype.

Groups from NYC like Public Enemy and De La Soul was talking about unity and black power and the NWA fellas were destroying the entire image of rappers being good. The beats and lyrics were very different. Dr. Dre' kept the beats dirty and grungy but they had a real live bass sound and nice melody because he actually plays piano. Plus he use to be a singer and a Dj...Did you know that? Old skool rapping was more controlable after nwa died down but they are the first multi-platinum album selling group to start the damage that we hear all from the so called thug rappers on the billboard charts now. Run Dmc and other New York hiphop bands count for some of the damage but between N.W.A. and Down South click 2 Live Crew they just don't make history for the dirty rap lyrics. You can read books from Amazon that will give you hundreds of pages that explain this in full detail.

You might want to brush up on people like Afrika Bambaataa and Kool Herc too while you are searching for the hip-hop roots. This story is very interesting and it will help you enjoy the music more. Plus you will learn to appreciate the older rappers and the classic hip hop songs like the Beastie Boys and "Brass Monkey" & "Paul Revere".