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Hip Hop Real Video Favorite Rappers

Hip-Hop Music Videos and MP3 Downloads

With the launch of mega webistes like YouTube hip hop real video is hard to find so we have some places you can go to view the coreect one you want to see. Rap is larger than life and we all want to see what these rappers are doing in the songs they sing abour. Especially if it's a dance track and you are looking to go to the club and kill th people on the floor with the latest dance move.

Hip-Hop music videos are always starting trends whether it's bling bling, iced out grillz or dances like Dj Unk's Walk It Out and 2 Step. You gotta love how the creativity of these artist is at work here. I have never in all my life seen so many dances or ways to floss cars and trucks packed down with hip-hop honeys and other video vixens. DJ players at the clubs keep us crunk too by playing all the new and exclusive hiphop music. It use to be that you had to visit forums or blogs to keep up but now with podcasting and again Myspace and other large social bookmarking sites it's a breeze.

Friends and emcees are keeping the streets filled with the buzz of underground lyrics as well as the commercial lyric artist so no one person is really left out of the loop either. Networking in the Rap community is a plus and getting live news via blogging is hot. What other way is better than this to get mp3s. From everything regarding hiphop like graffiti to Djing it's all good when you get the internet involved. Photos and rapping is a plus for any fan looking to download music audio online from nas to streams of jay z...IT'S ALL GOOD!

This hip hop culture has come a long way since vinyl records. We are talking about downloading videos, mp3s and ringtones to phones now via gadget tools like PDAs and ipods. Large companies like itunes, Cingular, Sprint anf Jamster rule the markets for these transactions too. Oh yeah, I can't forget Verizon Wireless. Imeem!

So the real music news here is that you are in a very good place if you have landed on this website by simply turning on your coomputer ad surfing through search engines like Google or Yahoo. Hot new Vids are realeased everyday by rap artist so we will keep you updated just go ahead and bookmark this website right now, Today! Some of these people are legends and you will want to tell your kids you had an opportunity to see the videos of them for free. If you have fast access DSL or Bellsouth or better then you don't have to have cable TV and it's still all good.