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Hip Hop Freestyle and Poetry

Are Rappers really Hip-Hop Poets

Hip Hop Freestyle and PoetryHip Hop Freestyle and Poetry is fairly new to the urban communities of entertainment but literature has been around for centuries.

So what changed? Where did the idea of combining ghetto lyrics with a modern art style of a poem come from.

Well that is a question that has been asked by many people including scholars and it has yet to be answered without an argument accuring. I once started a crazy flaming argument in a VBulletin once when I mentioned that Tupac was not the greatest hip-hop poet. Whoa! Calm down...that has already been a heated place in time.

I frequent many spoken words bars around Atlanta, Georgia and I have learned alot about writing and shocasing this type of talent. Hip-Hop Poets are nothing other than some people spitting lyrics written and then projected with a slower pace and more meaningful array of gestured hands, arms or legs. So that answers your question about rappers and poems. Sure they are. Did that confuse you the way I wrote that...sorry if it did.

Words can cut a person emotioanlly and believe it or not physically if they penetrate the mind at the exact moment of weakness. Choose your words carefully, there is power in the tongue.

All i'm trying to say is the art itself is beautiful and it does not matter whether it's over some conga drums, violins, pianos or studio song tracks. To me it's all the same and I enjoy these types of gatherings all the time.Russell Simmons Def Poetry Russell Simmons Def Jam for poets brought some surefire artist of spoken word to the mics when it was thriving on cable TV. How could you not enjoy that 30 minute show. He brought all types of people together for that event.

The only thing that I have attended that was along those type of vibes was the Urban Film Festival. They has a little speak off for artist and it was all the way live. great stuff. I have been thinking about starting a personal called blogs if you do this online. With this blog I will write all kind of inspiring words for people to read. I believe the world needs more love and romance. NO! I am not a hippy (smile) I am just a person who appreciates literature in all it's forms.

Next time I am at once of my most favorite places on the earth Books-A-Million I may even pick up a book on How To Write for poets, lyrics and or spoken word. There is a difference you know. I don't have time to explain the details of each one of them but just trust me. They are different. Soo if you are taking notes for poetics then make sure you grab that one. also if you want to test your skills you may want to think about entering a contest for writing. They pay some pretty good money if you win. Prizes usually range from $500 to $5,000. Pretty good for some well put together words huh?

Is there any I can watch hip hop videos.