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Hip Hop About On Nas

Naz Says Hip Hop Is Dead

hip hop about on nasWe have the hip hop about on nas if that is what you are looking for.

This is one of and will always be one of rap musics brightest rappers. He was born as Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones for those of you who did not know that.

The date rap news would get this pure jewel was September 14, 1973 the date of birth.

Somewhere in the stars an angel must have known he would be an representative for not only hip-hop but some would say underground rap.

When I first heard of this dude he was calling himself nasty Nas. Coming into this earth by the way of a semi-famous jazz musician Olu Dara which is his dad he has always has a frim foundation for music within his blood.

Read any blog or forum about the best hiphop rappers to ever grace a microphone and they will definately mention Naz and if they have any since they will tell you that the album Illmatic from 1994 is one of the greatest rap albums PERIOD.Naz Illmatic Album

I remember reading the review from Billboard magazine and it was off the chain. The video for the single was okay but that's not the point. Point being hip-hop needed this breathe of fresh air after hearing so many sound alikes. With Naz having one of the top rap albums of all time if there was a hip hop hall of fame he would be in it hands down...This ain't Pete Rose ladies and gentlemen. When Vibe magazine did the spread they praised one of entertainments youngest and hottest artist at the time.

He has more range with his lyrics than 90 percent of the rappers who pick up microphones right now. See one thing about rap is it is either in you or not. There is no faking. Many artist today are commercial fakes and I can hear it as soon as they spit the first 8 bars. NO HEART!! With Nasir it doesn't matter if he is rhyming with Dr. Dre or flowing with another hall of fame rapper like Lauryn Hill it's all fluent and flawless.

Nowadays he is relaxed and married to the very sexy Kelis. She is a sub-par singer but her style makes her a one of a kind. Someone like mega-star Beyonce would have a hard time trying to play ball on her field. I like that fact that Jay-Z in his maturity has choosen Nasir as a counterpart and not an enemy anymore. That's just beautiful to see two of raps greatest MCs on one accord. Now is we could get the industry to spread the love hiphop would be a real powerhouse and these millionaires could change many things amongst the United States political forces. I am I asking for to much here?

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