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Graffiti how to Tag Art

Bombing to clear thoughts or tagging for props

Graffiti how to Tag Art, graffiti tags, how to graffiti

Learning how to tag graffiti or art - Petaluma California is where I have seen some of the best graffiti period. I know that hiphop pretty much labels the art as New York but sweriously Cali is no joke. But lets talk about how to tag art on walls or trains in your city. 

Bombing is illegal if you really want to be honest but damn it's fun and you have to admit that some of the images and murals you see that go from paper to structures are incredible. However unless you are just fearless with your aerosol cans you have to be descreet about your work. That menas you have to watch your ass or you will get fined heavliy or even placed in jail.

Grafiti spraypaint is a pure nuisance to major cities and these tips will help you paint wildstyle artcrimes across yours without seeing a judge about afterwards.

  • Buy a bookbag so you can carry your favorite cans of spray along with extra nozels and caps. Make sure you have all colors.
  • Choose from your gallery of notebook murals. You always want to know at least two to three bombs upfront. If you don't have a notebook filled with galleries of style writing ideas of graphitti get one ASAP. Begin drawing it it immedialetly with your markers.
    Before you tackel a wall or subway you want to know where you are going. This is in the taggers bible.
  • Street art is not artwork to all so try to create your graffito work at night. Now this provides a challenge but it's worth it when the sun rises and you see what you have done. Plus the night creates an atmosphere less likely to attract cops.

Throwups are not for everybody and outlines of some of the most elaborate characters and murals have literally caterpulted certain artist into Internet stardom becuase of there difficulty at times. I mentioned New York and Cali earlier becuase of the sure mass of artist in these cities but visual arts and graffiti pictures extend far beyond those lands to far away places. the history will remain a Bronx favorite but graphiteur pops up all over the world especially in places like the Nehterlands and the UK.

As a creator of graffiti all we can see is pure genius and I hate when other people lable our work as vandalism yeah that's the politicaly correct word for it but grafiteiros in places like Sonoma is just plain killer.