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Graffiti Is An Expressive Way Of Street Art

The streets is where alphabet wild styles dominate

So do you call it Graffiti tag graffito or bombing? It doesn't really matter because if you understand those terms then you are probably a tagger or inspiring artist who mark the public walls and trains with some great damn murals using the finest spray paint.


The fonts are getting crazier and crazier for the characters and I can hardly keep up with the drawing of the new breeded styles coming from many different countries like Germany and the UK.

This is a great pic and one of my favorite tags on the internet.

GraffitiTo learn and master the styles from thousands of grafiti artist around the country from places like Sonoma and Petaluma is impossible. You have to grab a mentors way of tagging or create your own graffiti characters. Then you have to spend several years placing a tag on trains or something like it just to get noticed as what we calls master aerosol artist.

I heard in the state of California has a Restaurant dedicated to Dining and hosting grafiti Banquet meetings for spray paint writers.

From what I here some of the best tips from artcrimes representatives and hiphop community writers come from there. I have to grab one of fitted caps and head that way one day to engage the reception of this hiphoperos Wedding.

With the prefab architecture of quebec natives the styles of murales sprayed on by bombers have changed drastically. Just hit Yahoo or Google search engines and you will find many articles and pictures on the grahiteur characters from these tagging crews. If you want to keep up try placing in keywords like green design wall decoration design using aerosol. You can also buy DVDs that will teach you fine techniques and tips on using nozzels and playdo graffiti, even the very novice art of Gand Hand Signs from Gang Members.

The abatement of this timeless art is redefined every week from the grafiti creator him or herself. One is only limited by the skills they possess and if they are doing it from the heart then you will more than likely see murals that are sustainable for years across your local town, city, country or state...Oh, provinces too. Shot out to Canada on that statement where they really grind to bomb places with wild style.