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Gangster Disciples Graffiti Is It New York's Finest

Spraycan art is the greatest there is 

Gangster Disciples GraffitiGangster Disciples Graffiti is a type of street art sprayed across the city of New York by the gang that invented it.

I have only seen the work a couple of times and I can't say that I could recognize it without someone else pointing it out to my attention.

I do know this though just like the tattoos they where it's growing in numbers and places.

Rumor has it that they have both street and prison gangs as well as motorcycle members. Now that's crazy. Can you imagine a tagger hitting you up on a drive by spray down. Art Crimes have just gone to an entirely different level. I would probably call it

It use to be about murales and making sure your nozzles were not clogged before or after you bombed a train or wall but now it's about marking territory as the art has turned into symbols of terror.

It's one thing to catch a case for displaying some wild style alphabet writing but it's an entirely different thing to bring a federal case law to your front door by mixing gang violence with it.

I think crews are forgetting that graffiti or graffito to others is just about getting the aerosol out of the can and onto a platform with some series technique involved. Then you cap your nozzle and move on to another day and spot.

New York graffiti artist are legendary but the spraycans they use to use are now falling in the hands of people who only use the street crimes as a way to mark up territory with signs and symbols. There is aerografia in that. The only people who make galleries of that type of work are the police task forces.

Gangster should not be in the same sentence as graphiti or tagging for my sprayers.