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Gang Hand Signs from Gang Members

What do the codes symbols mean?

You have seen them, Gang Hand Signs from Gang Members . Don't get it twisted either these are not the fraternity hands gestures you see on the college campuses. Places like the chicago gangs website can prove that to you. This movement is very large and wide spread amongst the african amercian communities and the chicano art community.

 Whether one thinks it causes negative effects or not it exist and it is really real. Good vs. bad goes back for millions of years and I don't see it going away until Jesus himself comes back.

Are the Crips and the Bloods really calling a truse do to the MS-13 Mexican gangs?

So in the gridiron of things the codes symbols mean everything to those who throw them up. I see them displayed everywhere in the inner cities including in graffiti art and priosn episodes. Yes, I watch National Geographic. So why is the turf so sacred anyway. What does the Bloods see in the color red and why do the crips gangs die over the color blue.

The violence brings no information as to why crimes of this magnitude are occuring only the promise that they will continue. I looked at a couple of episodes of American Ganstas on BET and that is part of the problem. It's glorified people. Even Hip Hop artist  contribute to the violence by writing gansta lyrics and naming themselves after certified mobsters and killers. Mexican Mafia is now making history within the movement too. Last time I checked us news reported that the gang MS-13 is the biggest and deadliest crew in the United States. Surenos playa.

In Los Angeles crime related murders from bloods and crips fall short to Mexican brown pride inflicted deaths now. Wow, I remember when 18th street was doing it big in that area especially with the tagging and the displaying of tattoos. History shows that if the boarders of America are not monitored then the Mexican gangs will continue to dominate. They are way to advanced and organized. Hispnaic people are bonders like that anyway. Legendary places like Compton are 45 percent spanish now and growing. Pretty soon the parks of Chicago   and New York will be en espanol.

The LAPD is hiring more bilingual personel cops to handle the streets of these violaters. They have to speak the language just to keep up with the organization of the crews. That's why the Columbians run the drug game. Experts are worried because security threats are escalating the problem that exist.

Hand signs used by gang members to identify their membership
or to antagonize members of other gangs.

. The Primo Sign The "Primo" Signpower gang sign "Power" 
victory gang sign "Victory" number 1 gang sign Number One number 1 side gang sign
piru blood gang sign Piru Sign: "Blood" kitchen crip gang sign Kitchen Crip
bounty hunters gang sign Bounty Hunters crips cousin gang sign Crips: "Cousin"
bishop gang sign Bishop brims gang sign Brims
mafia crips gang sign Mafia Crips athens park gang signAthens Park Boys (APBs)
crip gang sign "C": Crip compton crip gang sign "C-C": Compton Crip
underground crip gang sign "U": Underground Crip harlem crip gang sign "H": Harlem Crip
east gang sign "E": East number zero gang sign "0": Number Zero
mafia crips gang sign "M": Mafia Crip 
hoover crip gang sign "H": Hoover Crip black stone gang sign Black Stone