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Fergie in a Thong

Stacy Ferguson is The Black Eyed Peas

Fergie in a ThongBet you want to see Fergie in a Thong. Okay keep reading about the former Whittier resident who has positioned herself to kill the United States with her solo album "The Dutchess". She has become one of the most sought after celebrity acts in the music business. I often catch all my updated information about her from the thousands of blog entries about fergy around the internet. The award winning pop star artist is very sexy and boy can she skake them humps.

 I love the lead singer Fergee from the Black Eyed Peas. I know that's not the correct spelling of here name but I am German and that's our slang overseas.

Stacy Ferguson Fergy is a little over 30 years old. She was born in 1975 in the month a March and the day of the 27th. Wow, that's makes ole gilr an Aries in the Zodiac world. Maybe I should try and look up some additional information on her myspace page. I don'images1/fergthong1.gif">

So lets talk about London Bridge. It's the typical pop slash R&B uptempo track. Also known as the club banga. I can see myself busting some moves in Club 112 here in Atlanta. Most of the time when you herar a track filled with hard-core drums you know it's going to be a winner in every way especially on the ringtones market since cellphones don't play bass.

fergeeSpeaking of entertainment, have you seen this woman in black bikini panties outside if the Rolling Stone magazine? If you have not then don't worry because I've got the pics right now...peep this WHOA! I would say that this California native is use to the beach. Now looking at this picture I would never guess that she would have left Kids Incorporated to fill a bikini like that. But lets pump some brakes here. She is not just a looker. This singer has actually been beating our eardrums for several years now. Do you remember Sally from Charlie Brown? Well guess who the voice of that character was. Right! You guessed it Fergo. so you can say that she made a video a long time ago...1985 to be more exact.

 So what do you think launched a famous celebrity career like this one. I mean she is the lead vocalist for one of the most powerful pop bands in the nation. No need to guess, the peas picked her up to stay after recording about 5 songs with them. They would have been crazy not to sign this chick. Why do I say that? Well Hollywood can be really nasty to you if you don't have what it takes to keep your star power and I think TBEP's are doing well because of Stacy's overwhelming presence. You don't have to agree but I challenge you to follow their career. If Fergie leaves the group then the ride is over trust me. In other words the next hit single from her would be London Bridges falling down...falling down...falling down. Now that's ole' school baby. Catch her single on dr hip hop radio. Peace!