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Family of Jennifer Lopez Includes Twins Now

She Is Now Part of The Tourner Ma Page

Family of Jennifer LopezThe Family of Jennifer Lopez includes her husband Marc Anthony and now the soon to be famous twins Emme and Max. Jenny from the block use to sing songs like if yuo had my love but now she is iver that chapter in her life as she is a mother now and has obviously found that.

The brave and superstar Lopez is part of the tourner ma page now and is set to raise two children with her husband. The big question everybody was asking while she was pregnant was the following. What is the names of Jennifer Lopez twin babies? Well that answer is of course Emme and Max. Now the new questions are when and where were they born? If that is the information you seek then let me answer that ? for you.

 J.Lo had her babies in New York and they were born on February 22nd 2008. The name of the hospital where she gave birth is North Shore University. Yes! That means that the youngsters are from Long Island, N.Y.

Okay so lets talk about the detailed information. Emme was the first born at 12:12 a.m. and she weighed in at 5 pounds and 7 ounces. The baby boy Max came just 11 minutes later at 12:23 a.m. and he weighed 6 pounds. Right now I don't have any pictures of the boy and girl twins but I will. The first person who gets there hands on them will have to pay Jenny and Marc millions if they play it like Tom and Katie did so I'll just wait.

So what's next for JLo now that she is not pregnant anymore? What will her official body measurements be now? This is a huge concern to fans because I'm sure they want to see Jennifer Lopez in a G String or in a Bikini soon.

She had nice breast before and the wonder is will she have them after it's all over from nursing and such. I'm not trippin for one and it doesn't matter if she recovers or not because she is beyond rich and can end her career right now. Just ask yourself what movies did she act in and how many billboard awards has she been too and thayt will remind you of her success.

Jennifer Lopez Exposed is a thing of the past perhaps as we don't know if she wants to continue in the eyes of media and entertainment. You gotta watch the industry because they will always try to keep you in handcuffs instead of just letting you bow out gracefully.

In the words of Jenny from the block, do it don't drup it. Peace!