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Drawings of Rappers

Hip Hop Cartoon Pictures Are Cool

Drawings of Rappers are really cool and is done by some very talented people that actually care about hip hop as a whole. Drawings of RappersI run a website obviously and I'm networking with friends and sharing photos of some hot rap graphics to place on myspace pages and facebook.

Hip Hop Cartoon Pics are popular amongst the younger myspacers but even old heads love the style.

I think most human beings love art collages period. Graffiti is a big part of this reason and tagging has been around hip-hop for years along with break dancing and dj's.

Look at teh above pic of rapper Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace. This is a cartoon that many rap artist have on their walls in their million dollar mansions. Why? Because it's a great photos and the artist shows unity between two legendary rappers who died far too young.

If you want to learn how to draw rappers consider taking some tutorials online from a couple of dedicated websites that provide illustration directions. If you own a Mac Computer then you can really do alot because they are built for it. Grab some cheap software from a store like Best Buy and go to work.

Also look at some video footage on YouTube and turn the audio card up on your PC so you can hear the directions. It's entertainment and fun at that. If you are an entrepreneur you can even turn your gift into money buy selling hip hop tees. Trust me people are doing this right now.