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Dj Unk From The Atlanta Oomp Camp

Walk It Out Has Takin djunk to the top

If you are not from the Atlanta area then you may or may not know dj unk from the big oomp camp. Dj UnkBut that has not stopped you from listening to your radio and going to the club and jamming this song. The funny thing about the whole story is the click he is part of is a local ATL crew, an independent lable to be exact. Kinda like Jim Jones and the entire Dip Set crew.

Djunk has been grinding for a minute around the Atlanta area and now he is making major moves thanks to the success of the single Walk It Out. Everybody around the world is rockin' this song. I mean MP3 ipods and the actual itunes website is sellssing crazy units. I am going to go out on a limb here and say I think he went certified platinum with this one track. Bands know that this is the best way to become a millionaire in the music business. Lyrics don't have to be real savvy anymore they just have to make you want to move in the clubs.

The dirty south has mastered this with the branding of Lil Jon Krunk Music, Rapper T.I. Hustle tracks and certified platinum dance tracks like this one. Just to make sure that people don't think he is a fluke the next song to be released was 2 Step. Now you should know that Ciara killed her competition with a similar music title of 1,2, step produced by Jazzy Pha.

So it looks like UNK is following in the right path to get major dough. The remix to Walk It Out featuring Jim Jones, Andre 3000 and Big Boi from Outkast is sick too. Who would have ever thought powerhouse diamond album selling artist like those guys would ever be on a remix for a dance track. This is probably the main reason Down South artist have taken over the Hip Hop rap community. It appears that the rappers from the northern part of the states cannot get along. Eveybody wants to be number one and it is killing the unity that they use to have back when Public Enemy and elite rappers like Rakim were making a bunch of noise.

With the help of the internet companies like iTunes, Winamp and Rhapsody are making multi-millions of dollars from the distribution of mp3s and playlist of all the major artist you can name and even the ones you cannot. Music share is huge and you probably have some friends you swap music files with yourself. Something like walk it out and 2 step is circulating the web by the thousands when it comes to digital files. Even still the artist can manage to sell over a million CDs. Now that is really special considering the amount of people who have computers ipods and cell phone mp3 players.