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Dilemma Rapper Who Is That Artist

Well You Guessed It, Nelly Is The Answer 

 Dilemma RapperIn the world called Nellyville there is one man called the dilemma rapper and that's him. It doesn't matter if it's a song about love or strippers he has got it locked up with his accent that no other rap artist has other than a crew member like Murphy Lee. It all started when he hooked up with Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland to colaborate on a song that crushed the charts. 2002 was the year they made this happen. I remember it very clearly as I think about how they let Patti Labelle play a small part as Kelly's mom.

Nelly has since been a leader in business and controversy amongst rap stars. I mean who can forget the famous tip drills video that use to play every noght on BET uncut. If you click the link you can see some custom pics of the video shoot. Boy sometimes you have to take a break from writing when you see those photos. Whoa! The Hip Hop Honeys were definately onset that day. That's why the average consumer reviews loves Hip Hop, beacuse of the sex, money and women. It's the new Rock and Roll seriously. HipHop drives many rap individuals to millionaire status and even RnB groups like Destiny Child.

It what the hip-hop groups bring to the table that makes it so special. Forums and photos that hit blogs and websites like this one brring social success to the record companies and Nellyville fans across the world. High quality MP3's and downloads on mega sites like itunes can't even be explained when it comes to revenue.

e-commerce and music just goes together. Not many bands starve when the internet gets involved on any level. That's why video vixen chicks like buffie the body and deelishis are half naked with hundreds of sexy superiorpics that are being rotated on an international level. No it's not victoria secrets models it's much better than that. Kelly Rowland is even in on it, I seen her pose for King Magazine once and Whoa, that was News to me. I didn't know she had a round booty like that. Photos are something else man, DJ spin that one again. Ha-Ha.