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Deelishes Photos

Deelishes Photos are the Flavor of the Month

Aren't you glad Buckwild or Buckey didn't win?

Have you been combing the internet for deelishes photos trying to see if you can sneak a peek of that booty? Well stop looking because we have some exclusive and exposed pics of her.

hip hop honeys

Pictures of deelishis are gold right about now. So now you can get some nibblz of some of the hot shots for your viewing pleasure. Some may appear to even be a little dirty. Hard to believe that she would go there after being made a super video vixen after starring on the VH1 show flavor of love.

Dude this female is one of the baddest chicks I have seen in a long time and I have seen many.

So who is this now buckwild chick who has been catching the Buckeye of every man she graces past? Well her real name is London Charles and not lodon like some people have been saying. She has a daughter and I don't think that she will be with Flava Flav for very long. The show was used to launch a very lucrative career as a hip hop honey if you ask me.

Now let's talk about some gossip though. The big question is are deelishis and buffie the body mad at eachother and why? Well they are and they are not. You see Buffy is a super model in the hip hop community and she doesn't take shorts when it comes to get that money. Deelishus is a miss new booty nah mean. She hasn't came up grindin' like Buff. They seem to be cool though because they threw a birthday bash in the club 2112 in New York City.

So what is going on between them must be all good. Now the other rumor spreading around the internet is that she is pregnant. Wow, deelishis having a baby by the chocolate old man of hiphop. That's funny. I think the question was asked in an interview on the very popular radio show wendy williams. Ya' girl has been doing pretty good since the show droppin' model video joints and half naked pics as you can see. The flavor of love 2 pitures is what launched her really big across the internet and we came up on some of those pics too. She is not exactly fine enough to be a tigger chick but she will do for now until the next fine chick arrives. No not New York..ha-ha-ha. Until then the making money campaign will continue and the hip hop animated dancing gif of phat booty will forever linger around the world wide web.