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DJ Otzi Ein Stern Is The Damn Man In Germany

O Yeah, Don't Forget Nik P He's Hot To

dj ?tzi einen sternSo you like dj ?zti einen stern huh? That means you have heard the single released in 2007 and you have probably partied in Germany more than you should

This is a great dance track not just because it reached number one on the charts but because it truly makes you want to move your butt.

Even the austalians in austria believe this to be true. To bad the americans here in the United Staes are missing out on the news due to the rap artist Soulja Boy.

I'm not sure what the difference is here in the U.S. versus the radio airways overseas but whatever it is the gap is huge. Disc Jockeys like DJ Unk out of Atlanta have great number one songs like Two Step and Walk It Out but they never seem to reach places like Austria .

The same can be said for DJ Otzi who also had hits like Hey Baby that never got radio spins in the U.S. However, Canada does seem to play both artist on their station 101.7 World FM and I guess that's a plus when you think about it. Here is what cracks me up though neither one of these guys has the type of equipment real disc jockeys have to coach parties. What am I speaking of? Well lets see, how about these items:

  • Numark Turntables
  • MacBook Pro Laptop
  • Real Gig Bags
  • Monster Cables
  • Mackie Mixers etc...etc...

What they really are is a pair of artist that write raps and produce dance tracks that get people to the dance floor. It doesn'" target="">hip hop track can make it to  the top of the charts and even number one.

Ein Stern is a perfect example of the statement above and it's what I would call rare dance music.