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Create My Own Graffiti Bombing Is Great

It's doesn't matter if you do it on paper or trainsCreate My Own Graffiti

Many people ask how can I Create My Own Graffiti when looking to learn this highly skilled art of drawing with spray paint to express their artistic talent. Most of the time the grafiti tags enhance the appearance of the places they are placed.

I know some taggers personally and the majority of them are drawing the plans of the pictures on pages in books that I think should be in some art gallery with a Picasso painting. I mean yeah sure some people learn the skills by getting online lessons but the real cnskillz come from the heart. You have to be born with it and it has to flow through the blood in your veins.

I just learned about this form of artistic work and I love it!

87On paper it looks great but on public trains and walls it is unexplainably beautiful. When my father was in the Army I had a chance to witness some of the best taggers in the country of germany where hip hop is huge. They would hit the streets with stencil and aerosol cans in bags to get busy every week. It would start with a simple draw of something like cartoon characters and advance to cns grafiti neck walls within a matter of minutes.

54I have done countless unprofessional interviews with these guys and if digital cameras were common in 1985 I would have had plenty of photos and untouchable shots of some of the greatest spray paint artist in the world. I could even see them play games and listen to the hottest jams from DJs they hung around, it was amazing.

21I actually want to do a traveler message to get some united literature to place on a board for members of graffiti forums to enjoy, I may even start a pod casting website for bomb artist. That would be really cool. Then people could begin networking and discussing productions and history of secret trades like scraping canvases. Maybe I can even sell some merchandise within the community wild individuals who love graphic wall art. I have been reading up on travel tips and 3d mix videos so I can have all the right things in place when it comes to photography if I make this small wonder happen. Until then I will keep my eyes and ears to the streets where the gully taggers are very present.