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Why Is Connecting a Turntable to My Computer Important

For The Best Parties You Have To Have An MP3 Player

Connecting a Turntable to My Computer Connecting a Turntable to My Computer was not a daunting task like most people made it out to be. I guess it was easy for me being that I am a producer and already had a Macbook Pro laptop from Apple and M-Audio monitors as speakers with a killer Mackie Mixer.

Here is how it all started out. I went to my local Guitar Center to grab some monster cables for a gig we were setting up for one of our rap artist here in Atlanta and BAM I saw it.

What the hell is this I asked the salesman. Oh, that he's a turntable that allows you to play MP3's or CD's and scratch and mix them by using your laptop if you have one. WHAT?

Okay, I'll take those monster cables and two of those turntables with that nice smoke machine and light combination. Now I'm not a DJ ladies and gentlemen but I knew I would tinker around with this because I like throwing parties at my crib.

 So anyway I got it all home and read the instructions and come to find out that the hardest part about hooking this equipment up was getting the usb drive to read correct due to all my other software on my Macbook like Protools, Logic and all those damn VST's especially Sampletank XL. After I got passed that I was officially a got damn DJ because I had some killer mixes going the first day on the job per say.

With all of my hip hop beats and the mp3's I have on my laptop I was set to crush some stuff. The fact that these were 3 speed portable turntables too made it that much better. I'm even considering buying some amplifiers and some non-active Mackie monitors and deejaying partime being that it so easy.

I'm sure you real spinners who have the Numarks and the technics are pissed at people like me but you will need to get over that because as long as the industry is making equipment compatible to ipods and other laptop computers you will always have to justify those four or five record crates you carry around everywhere.

Vinyl's are great but they can't touch mp3's and will be taking a subservient position soon.