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Chicano Rapper Mr Sancho Is Hip Hop Today

Can a solo Mexican rap artist really make it big?

chicano rapper mr sanchoThere has been many different kind of rhymers to hit the scene before chicano rapper mr sancho.

So the question is can he make a difference or is he just another person to hit the music industry who has a little flow?

You know the gansta photos with bling bling all over the place with cars on 26" rims and all. Nothing new there.

Latin rap is here to stay no doubt but it's a sub-genre style branching off of a main stream west coast gansta style.

Remember Kid Frost commercial rap artist of Mexican descent and hip hop doesn't even remember him as a whole.

I can ask any kid on the street right now who the greatest rappers are past and present and I bet you Frost or Melloe Man Ace will not come up one time especially the albumnames of "Hispanic Causing Panic" or the song La Raza.

 With that being said let's discuss Mr. Sancho and his rap future. I have seen a couple of photos which says alot's not that many on the internet just Google biography of 50 Cent the Rapper and you will come across a million plus photos. So networking has to be a huge part of his arsenal.

Friends in the Mexican or Latin culture like Fat Joe will need to help him out. Even the music from Pitbull is just now getting major attention and he has been grinding for a minute. Sharing industry information amongst rappers is important. Forums and blogs of hip hop classifieds will each a solo or independent artist alive if tey don'news1" target="_new">Especially blogging because it is immediate. Someone, or should I say anyone can create one and rate bands and social clubs across the entire internet. Journaling is not just for scholars with Masters Degrees anymore. Journals are part of the world wide web now as a daily practice for most.

The other thing that Chicano star Sancho needs to pay attention to is podcasting which is online radio and videos like from Youtube. They make finding a forum or groups that like or hate you easy. Reviews on these kind of sites can be helpful or damaging to say the least. Keeping a Low Profile Beat is not the answer either. A discussion will made made about him whether he like it or not. i Tunes and MP3 bootlegs will surface way before Walmart sales can happen and news good or bad will spread like wildfire. Rate my pic sites can vouch for that. Ratehispanic fourms is a big one. Basically what I'm saying is that a community is awaiting him so he needs to stay hot and keep his nose clean.