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Can You Give Me Info On The Rapper 50 Cent

I'm tryin to build my 50Cent music knowledge through news

One of the number questions on the internet is can you give me info on the rapper 50 cent. Can You Give Me Info On The Rapper 50 CentWhy? Probably because he is a business man that has broke and set some hip hop records for others to strive for. I mean the fact that he owns G-Unit, has a reebok deal and has sold millions of albums, somewhere around 15 million to give you an idea makes him hot. Plus you can't forget that lyrics and muscles sell records too. Get Rich or Dir Tryin placed him on the hip-hop map but the Massacre solitified the position. He is in the building.

50Cent is in other words a rap legend and he has only really been around at the time that I write this article about 5 strong years. He receives great reviews when the album are ready to drop and the song format with it's melodic tunes are radio ready pretty much everytime. The fact that he acts gives him the chance to get good film reviews too. The movie trailers only help due to his large fanbase of listeners. A CD by 50 Cent is on that is probably in most hip hop collectors stash. Hell I even have the albums due to the fact I like Dr. Dre' and most of the things he touches in the Hip-Hop rap industry including Eminem.

The fact that he can combine with other rappers and singers like Lil Kim and Kelis makes him a rare item in the rap world. He is a jet setter like Paris Hilton (Not As Rich) but he got chips ladies and gentlemen. I don't know if it was a joke but I even seen him on a message board responding to news about G-Unit one time. Don't think that celebrities and other superstars don'news1" target="_new">blogs people. They want information from the streets just as much as you do. Fifty is big on networking and it gets no better than the internet in places like Myspace etc...etc.

You may catch them under UNKNOWN names so keep your eyes open. This information was leaked through an interview with VIBE magazine. Usher, Jay-Z and Diddy all partake in this type of PR. Rap is large like that and people like Curtis Jackson has people all over it watching and listening to the controversy. That's how Ne-Yo got spun across the internet on hiss sex addiction. T.I. the Rapper has really taken off in his career due to the world wide web and he embraces the fact that YouTube exist also. 50Cent looks to the future as a business man with LLoyd Banks, Young Buck and a combo of Lil Jon and Lil' scrappy to go with him. We are talking about big money now folks.