Buffy the Body

Buffy the Body Is The Baddest Chick

Buffie Bodie Pics Are Viewed Thousands Of Times A Day

Buffy the body is a very beautiful woman and she is known in the Hip Hop Honeys community as one of if not the leader in video vixen bodies after Melyssa Ford.

Do a search for her name and you will get madd reviews and sites that carry pics of this fox but none compare to the webpage we have on her. MTV can't even show you what we have on the summer bunnies like her. So anytime you feel you need to have an episode and view the photos just stop by our website and take a look see.

Buffie will always be available for you and any of your friends to llok at. I working on getting the dvd she made and posting it up so fans like yourself can come by and watch it anytime. The music in the video is okay but the shots and motion of the woman is crazy.

I don't think store ratings on the short film did any real justice but who cares when you can see a chocolate honey wearing a bikini thong on a LCD or Plasma TV. The synopsis is irrelevant in that matter. BET uncut use to show chicks like buffie on the uncut videos and beleive me it was worth staying up until 3am to see them. It wasn't even close to a Rap City Big Tigga basement joint... much... much... better.

Now all you have is some great artwork on the covers of mixtapes. Which by the way you can compare prices for those mixtape cds by searching Google. Buffy The Body should make a mini series on video vixens. Nah, here is a better idea she should try to get a reality show and place people like Deelishes and Hoops from the Flavor of Love on it along with other phat azz chicks. That would be really good and I would not miss on episode, I would be all over the Showtimes and Reviews. I could even see myself watching the Credits to see if they would place Photos and Music DVD's at the end of the show.

Message Boards are popular on the internet and I think she could make a gang of money selling shirts and other stuff if one was ran on the official website.

The online shopping and profile count is probably through the roof already and that helps trust me. BizRate provides great links for merchandise so I'm sure the hip hop diva is like a vampire sucking all the cash from her bodie. I don't know if this woman is rich but I do know that we will not be seeing any Trailers in her future. According to the forums and gossip on the internet the hip-hop hunny has "Money In The Bank". My friends don't think so but I do and after doing a celebrity search I'm convinced that the networking groups in the circle she rolls in is wealthy too. If I ran a blog the User Ratings will say the same thing I'm sure of it.