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Buffy the Body Big Booty

So what is the favorite position of this Video Vixen?

Buffy the Body Big BootyEvery guy I know has heard of the phrase buffy the body big booty . In most cases he has heard this comment this week. It's something that is common amomgst the hip hop community especially people who watch BET 106 and Park. She not a girl you can catch in adult video stores but you can get an eye full of candy by surfing the internet. That's how you found us right? 

She has taken hundreds of photos and the big question is what is buffie the body favorite position to shoot pics? I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the best camera angle to show off the appple bottoms is the back where the bootie is ya' know. Unlike asiannewstoday you get much more excitement from the back instead of the Asian frontal views. This beautiful women is the black guerilla of the hip hop models. I mean that last statement in a good way. Seriously though, Buffie is killing the Brazilian models and the game girl models. She is breaking new ground amonst the hip-hop honeys.Buffy da body

Deelishis  is moving up especially after she received that boost from VH1 anf the hot show Flavor of Love. Even Buckeey  and Hoopz  are getting some money from that shows fame. But the Branding of thunder clap and huge and perfect butts goes to Buffy. If I were an artist I would have a hard time fitting that big ole' butt on my canvas..hee-hee, just playing.

buffie the bodyThe cloths she wears have to be customed because i can't ubderstand how she can fit all the bootie ina pair of jeans unless everything she rocks is from Nelly and his Apple Bottoms Collection. With the Cocoa butter skin the female displays it's no wonder why classifieds, forums and blogs keep the topics hot on her. Communications between the hip hop models is rare on the friends level becuase there is too much competition. It's almost a crime to hear this but the more competitive it is the better and more high quality pictures come out of it for us as viewers. Kitoy Johnson and Tomika Skanes out of Atlanta understand this very well.phat azz gallery

Compton and Los Angeles models have it pretty easy because they are use to wearing bikini thongs in the heat of California. Many of the women out there are searching for financial freedom whether it comes by the sales of a glossy poster or a Rap DVD or video. They are in heavy rotation within' the hip hop community too. If I was a rapper I would be taking a stab at most of these chicks just like the rap artist do now. at the end of the day Sexy Photos is going to lead to something else and when you combine lust with millions of dollars it got to go down, nah mean?