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buffy da body

Buffie the Body packs a load of booty

Buffy the Body Gallery is where da bodie thrives

Buffie the Body pics   is about as good as it gets when you speak of booty in the pants. She is much finer than a rival hip hop honeydeelishis whom everyone knows is way to good lookin' for Flavor Flav. She is not much of a dancer but lets face it, do you have to be with a swimsuit gripping half naked butt in the pics she takes.

Buffy the Body


In the photos it's hard to beleive that she is carrying all that bootie. Even the calender pictures reveal the uncut budy joints that most men would be proud to place on a myspace page. As a matter of fact we provide code on this page to do just that.

Dude this chick is the baddest hunny and the Rapper Trina has no chance of keeping that title for very long!

King magazine placed buffie the body on the cover and they should have named that issue the phat azz gallery because it was crazy. If you are familiar with thunderclap video shots then you know that other video vixens don't stand a chance, not even melyssa ford who is a women to put in a vs. contest any day of any week. When listening to the song by the Rapper the Game you make the assumption that these chicks know how to master networking and friends building in the hip hop community. The relations to music and bands are far from talent, they are just ridiculously fine.

When reading blogs and sharing other information about this type of entertainment I learn quickly that the journals look at these hunnies with a crooked eye.

Journaling can be cruel and finding dirt or good things to write about can be really interesting. Just log into some Hip-Hop forums and go to some of the rate my pic places and I'm sure you will run across the next video chick from your very own state. You don't have to join just get online and search the classifieds or marketing groups and you will see them pretty close to naked, not like Kim Kardashian but close.

The social giant Myspace is involved with huge distribution and PR of hungry women awaiting to be the next rap stars arm bracelet. Now I search and get litearlly tousands of results and I have to be honest. Some of them are very impressive. If I were giving it some consumer reviews like BizRate.com I would say just give me the butt layout-html code of these hip hop honeys and I'm good for real. These eye candy models and super summer bunnies are what people in texas especially houston and in los angeles looks for. This is where chocolate essence festival foxes hang out on the regular.

Buffie the body is the absolute truth when it comes to looks but I don't know much about here other than she looks great in a bikini thong. Sure I can find out much more about her accept I don't want to. I just want ole' buff to keep rockin' a minimal amount of clothes, close to nude...THAT'S IT.  

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