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Buffie the Body Favorite Position

It's not about lapdances but bikini photos 

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buffie the body favorite positionOne you have seen the pics of this stallion you have to wonder what buffie the body favorite position is. If you can't tell by viewing the pictures we provide here let me give you a hint. Phat Azz Gallery! Got it? The monet shot for the camera man has to be from behind where that big booty is. A pair of apple bottome fit on this women perfectly fine.

I first seen the bikini photos while I was out in Los Angeles getting lapdances at a club of women that knew her. They didn't say how they got them or if she you to dance there but it was all good for me. Bloggers love to write journals on Buffy too. They are Branding this hip hop honey as the baddest video vixen with the biggest and phattest azz. The bootie pics are off the chain and I look at them at least one every two weeks when I'm bored and on the internet. Plus I like the music that's played when you refresh the page.

buffie the bodySo is Buffy the queen of booty clap or is it Buckeey from the Flavor of Love? Nither of the females are from Brazil but they are droppin' it likes it's hot around the rappers and hip-hop community. As a celebrity in her own shell I'm sure the days are busy full of doing guest appearances, video shoots and photo shoots. Some of the biggest magazines in the United States have posted pictures of Buffy. KING and Black Men are the most popular of the listed ones she has appeared on.

Buffy da bodyThe beautiful women is part of many hip hop models that linger around rap artist looking to come up on videos and pics. Modeling is one thing but if you have heard the rapper the Game you know that behind the scenes more action is takiing place between women and man if you catch my drift. Just listen to "Wouldn'images1/buffybody8.gif">

Music and babes like Deelishis kind of goes together especially if they are naked or showing breast. That has been part of Rock and Roll for years and now Rap music is catching up. Sometimes it can get really ridiculous on some of the lyrics though, Sexy photos is one thing but flat out exploiting chicks on songs through words is a little different. Music reaches the media much faster than magazines. Unless you are talking about Playboy toys and thumbnails. It's something about placing a women in a thong and asking her to bend over a stick her booty out. You know for a fact that this shot will hand in many jail cells and bedroom walls as a wallposter. A free pic of honeys like the game girls always gets a major amount of love. Hip-hop honeys, you have to love them and respect their hustle because some of these ladies are getting super wealthy through books and calenders.