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Buckeey Booty Clap

Buckeey Booty Clap from Shay Johnson

Flavor of Love Girl Buckey with Big Bootie

Yo you seen the show with the buckeey booty clap scene. She has a big jiggly butt man. I have seen some photos of the chick where all you see is bootie. VH1 probably let her on the show because she was shaking that thing infront of some casting directors.

Buckeey Booty Clap

All my friends love ole' buck..we actually seen her in person in Atlanta at V-103 and the girl is really wild. Don't buy into that innocent crap you seen on the Flava of Love.

Television brings on a different type of person trust me. Even ya' girl hoopz is a freak and has all kind of half naked photos. 

The Flavor of Love girl buckeey is one of the cheapest hip hop honeys I know too. I read alot of forums and participate in many blog jouranals and the gossip is that shorty is straight up sheap. I wish I could show you some video footage of how she was acting up at the radio station. As a semi-celebrity she was really tryin to get some PR and publicity. She couldn't tell anything about new york because VH1 had her under contract. Even though Greg Street did ask several times who won..ha-ha-ha.

Everybody was looking forward to the reunion show to see if the women would actually fight. Deelishis brought on those sneakers to break New York off, remember that? Hollywood has really changed the mindsets of the casted females from that show too. It seems like they all are taking pictures in magazines like King and eye candy photos. See what a Television show can do to a womans head. They all think they are Buffie the Body or somethin' now.

I wonder what the casting call looked like at the time VH1 picked the finalist. I'm sure it was less people than lets say a canadian idol calling. Flava Flav was a very lucky individual though because if it wasn't for reality tv him and Bridgette Neilson wouldn't have hooked up and he couldn't have got the contract for the Flavor of Love. Now he is very rich again and collecting money from DVD sales and the whole nine yards. London Charles is too much for him and I don'images1/buffybody8.gif">

Vh1 reality tv is not putting together relationships that last long only long enough to make someone rich and semi-famous for a hot minute. I think I watched all the episodes not in order but I did see all of them due to re-runs. Hoopz and Bootz seem to have some type of friendship since the show and that's rare amongst hip hop models because they like to compete with alot of things. The celebrity blog spoke about this is an article written about two months ago. Juicy rumors seem to circulate in hollywood more on women than men so people like buckee have to watch out. Celeb gossip can be crucial especially for American show stars.