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Britney Spears No Underware Pictures

Brittney Chills With Paris Hilton With Underwear Off

britney spears no underware

Have you seen the britney spears no underware photos? If you haven't you will be surprised that the crotch shots are clena and clear enough to see that she is not wearing any panties.

We really don't know what that's about but it was kind of fun to read about all the press she received on it. I even seen that a webmaster that runs The World of Britney shut the site down. For how long he will keep it down I'm not sure but the fact that it happened is hilarious.

Brittney and Paris Hilton both don't rock underwear and while they are out and about it makes for extremely hot topice among tabloids and other gossip columns. They literally have massive gallery videos and pics of every celebrity you can name. Even when Brit was pregnant with her baby, the first one they had a field day. From everything to a Madonna kiss to the divorce of her and Kevin federline they have been there getting very valuable film.

I actually would hate to be the person to have to update her biography. I mean where do you end. The start would be very easy as you start out talking abot her birthday and place of birth along with the important dates. You have to mention the famous song "Oops I did It Again" and some of her Pepsi commercials too. But then it takes a turn for the worst. Where exactly do you fit in no undies and bald headed pictures. These recent photos are a display of how crazy she is already or becoming. The bio would take a really bad turn and that's not good for her career in the music entertainment field.

You have to wonder if she is doing all of these things to beef up her position for a release of a new album. The question on that has got to be what are you going to sing about and who is going to write your new lyrics. In my opinion it's her prerogative but unless she is feeling really lucky I would stay away fromanother album. Hollywood has accepted you as is right now and I think she needs to leave it at that. You know give the world somemore bikini thong shots like Buffy the Body and push the bootie out. I know...I know, Toxic huh? I don't think the fan club is having a real good time right now.