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Birdman the Rapper Daddy of Lil Wayne

The CEO of the Cash Money Millionaires

You might know him as baby but most people know him as birdman the rapper. The rough New Orleans music style has been heard for years starting with rap mogul Master P.

Birdman the RapperIt's no news that the N.O. would be on the map with more rappers and groups of hip hop artist.

In the forums fans love to speak of "Baby" as the real multi-millionaire from the hood. Relations in the boot state extend from artist like Mystikal, Turk, B.G. and Juvenile which remain icons of the Mardi Gras city.

The Cash Money Millionaires love to flaunt and show off their diamonds and platinum in everything they do. The term was coined by Lil Wayne and it's called stuntin' or the commercialized phrase that took the world by storm "Bling Bling". Brian Williams which is the government name of "The Birdman" arrived on this earth the day of Feb. 15th in the year of 1969. Networking around Louisiana he started a record label now known as Cash Money with his brother Ronald.

I didn't know that his real name was Brian Williams and that he was a February Baby.

We all know that when he started sharing the rapping with the well known producer Manny Fresh under the name Big Tymers along wiht the big names above they sold madd albums. Video shoots were paid in cash at times and Music News even states that the photos were also paid by pure loot and no checks.

Friends of "The Babe" say that he pays close attention o his reviews as any businessman runing a label would. His Marketing team is agressive and when it comes to selling a Record he will spare no expense. Distribution is large and his artist usually ship Gold. Rumors have it that he won't release an album that won't do at least 100,000 units the first week. I know what you are saying but Juvenile is the exception.

Rappers need PR to survive in the music industry and Brian is a master at that. Bands sometimes struggle with the process of getting good publicity but not Baby. Between blogs free download mixtapes and online music and hip-hop articles like this one it's not hard.

Streetball tournaments even play a huge part in PR just ask Fat Joe who owns a Ball Team. I once read a newspaper and in the reference was the fact that Baby and lil' wayne are two of the richest father and son hiphop rappers in the game. You don't need an online dictionary to look that one up. Rap press would make finding classifieds such as worth and power extremely easy.

I like blogging and taking part in hip hop journaling to help the culture continue to thrive at a rate of thousands of fans per day. It's a cause I'm willing to continue to push through and through.