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Biography of Rapper T I

The Atlanta Native Called The Rubberband Man

The biography of rapper t i is a simple one. His real name is Clifford Joseph Harris and yes he is also a Junior.

Biography of Rapper T IMost people know that he is an Atalanta born artist but many don't know he was really raised in the hood. South West Atlanta is a bad area and Clifford was raised in one of the roughest spots there called Bankhead which is Zone 1.

The 5 foot 9 inch rapper who is known in the ATL streets as The Rubberband Man, King of the South or T.I.P. Most people won't ride with the self proclaimed statement of the "King" of the south due to the other big named hip hop stars that reside down in that region like Plies, Ludacris, Outkast and even Lil Jon.

Any news on T.I. is big world wide because he is such a super star rap artist. This is why questions like Why Was Rapper T I Arrested linger on the Internet even after it has been several months. His music is deep but club raw depending on which of his alter egos is in the recording booth. He sells madd ringtones whenever an album drops and he has about 7 or 8 kids too.

I'm not sure who the babies mammas are and none really matter except one which is Tiny the singer from the former RnB group Xscape. This woman remains the closest to his heart and they have been through alot including the T.I. and Tiny baby miscarriage. that was a pretty ill time in his life.King of The South

T.I.P's lyrics are written by mostly life experience and what he is really feeling kinda like a modern day Tupac. you can even see the pain in some of the video shoots he attends before actually filming them. If you look at his pictures you can catch a look of concern alot of times. This Atlanta bread dude is making some pretty good damn albums too and that's the reason he has been successful.

I can't say that Clifford has handled his Famous role as a Celebrity that well due to the fact of him catching cases and going to jail with all that money. There is better thugs to do than spending time locked up and on house arrest. Fans still ride with him and support him but it's starting to get old. Once you have accomplished a career as a rapper you need to stay stead fast until you can gracefully bow out.

I get tired of seeing pics of hiphop artist mug shots. Radio networks love reporting dirt and they don't blast very much good so T.I. and related artist like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy have to keep a low profile on that street level of thuggin'.