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Big Mac Rap The Funniest Video

These McDonalds Lyrics Are Crazy Funny

I found the big mac rap. One day I was on youtube looking for some funny videos for my brother when I across these two knuckleheads. Man they are hilarious. It's amazing what you come across while surfing for things online. Everthing from news to friends emailing you your day can end up being one of the best for your entire week.

Lyrics are not hard to write it's basically an advaned version of art to Roses are Red and Violets are Blue and that's why the song for the mcdonalds drive through is son gut busting funny. Real rappers wouldn't sound anywhere near this bad and definately a band member couldn't get away with this weak of a rap but that's what makes it so unique, well maybe dj unk. You are not going to see or hear this on the airwaves anytime soon. YouTube provides an outlet to create your own movie videos and upload them for people to enjoy all tear round.big mac rap

Pics use to be the way of entertainment but as technology advances cellphones and computers can help an individual make some of the best mp3 or video footage one has evr come across in his or her life. vbulletin post and forums are normally where you could find these jewels but Google purchased Youtube and WHAM! The place to search and find entertainment is on the internet tube. They did the same thing with Blogger and Myspace.

This is one of the main reasons blogging and blogs are so popular. Words have never been so powerful on the world wide web. The sharing of video and journals is sweeping across the world at breakneck speeds, somewhere between 30,000 per minute and 70,000 per minute. Whoa! Now you don't have to drive down to your local library or Block Buster to get some real entertainment or knowledge for that matter. Finding what you need is literally a couple of clicks away. It doesn't matter if it's an mp3 or a full fledge movie the net can provide it. That's the reason Netfliz and Blockbuster online exist too you know. The key word here is Fast and nothing on the internet is faster than blogging PERIOD!

Remember the day that watching the TV for your updated news was the only way to stay intouch with what was going on around the world. Well so long Television and hello RSS feeds. Every major network that is on the web has them including MSN, Yahoo and Google. Man this is the future and if you are not sure what they are just embrace the technology anyway. But i do want to advise you to educate yourself on these things because they are here to stay and are only getting bigger and bigger.