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Beyonce Exposed Including Other Great Pics

Better known as "B" or lady knowles she is a queen

Many look for Beyonce Exposed  after seeing the vast amount of slip ups she and other celebrity women like sanaa lathan, Kim Kardashian and gabrielle union have made.

sexy legs

Anything they do regarding pantie or half naked shots will make the news with 24 hours especially now that podcasting and blogging exist.

Oh heck yeah, mama let me upgrade you "B" I am loving this shot, good photo of the diva.

Beyonce ExposedBlack celebrity gossip on black women or should I say african american women is common amongst journalist and newspaper columnist like Star or National Enquirer.

It's not that these beautiful women are wearing LINGERIE in public but when you are a superstar that gets caught on photo with a breast nipple showing you can guarantee that the pictures will hit the internet in less than a day.

Beyonce Knowles which is not an alias but a government name is special person. Celebrities come and go within a year or two but she has been around for a long time. It almost makes me wonder if she has been in the music industry as long as Jay-Z. Black beauty models and afro american singers have come a long way and Kelly Rowland friend of many years childhood years lady knowles is definitely one of them. She is an urban music legend and a hip hop slash R&B diva.

The rapper Jay-Z from the nyc is arguably the greatest rap artist of all time and he bagged this fine R&B singer to make a killer couple and very powerful couple.

 Media candids have a field day with these two daily including the new york city post. who also happen to have plenty to write about when it comes to the wild pop star Britney Spears or the jet setter Paris Hilton. These are Girls WHO Wear Wicked Weasel.

"B" has been in a couple a movies films and she done pretty darn well especially in the featured movie Dream Girls where Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Hudson helped her out on the big silver screen. I think she was acting the role of Diana Ross in the film. It received really good reviews and we can expect Ms. Knowles to be in many more actress positions in the future.

I have to be honest though the last album she did B-Day was whack and I would like to hear her her do another record with Destiny's Child. Destiny Fulfilled was a crazy nice recording that broke some records too. Well we will see what is in her life time achievements as time passes by. Alot of fans will be awaiting the outcome of the future legend, she has many years to perfect what she wants to do. You can possibly hear her make a statement like I Want My Name in Ghetto Graffiti Letters and it would still be all good. She can't be touched.