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All Beats Programming Timbaland Style Is Hot

Grab An MPC 2500 and See The Difference

Beats Programming Timbaland StyleIf you produce then Beats Programming Timbaland Style is something you have to learn how to do period.

Sure Dr. Dre is a great producer and you can even throw in Scott Storch and The Neptunes but Timbo is a pack leader.

When you stack all the accomplishments together you quickly realize that he is killing the game.

His music expresses an entirely different feeling. So after reading his bio and listening to his impressive discography to which includes hits from the much loved and missed singer Aaliyah among others.

All the rap industry friends agree that he is the man and you can check that against MTV and VH-1 voters.

So what makes the beats and drum swinging so hot? Well their is a number of things to consider.

  • His exclusive drum samples
  • The MPC drum machine
  • Propellerhead Reason
  • An official Mini Moog Synthesizer
  • Protools HD
  • A Killer mixing engineer

It's not news to most beat makers to see that list above but for newbies it's like hearing new words to songs or reading fresh reviews you get simply stunned. But mainly it's Timbaland's skills and attitude that makes him special.

Think about it his music is strictly drum pattern driven. Just listen to Nelly Furtado or his bands group One Republic and hear how the drums cut through the music. Pay attention though...the pattern never changes.

Timbaland music drives fans crazy by keeping this format and in recent interviews he says he will never change it. Go to Zshare and grab some downloads of his music or search websites like Youtube for a music video.

Sharing information this way makes it easy for you to rate the style and actually learn by listening.

You also want to hit production forums like where blogging and video information is available 24 hours 7 days a week. Once you join you can also contribute to the classifieds under madd categories.

Some people know these websites as message boards and if you call them this then that's the same thing and it's where you want to be. Even if you are an artist I recommend that you study Timabaland becuase his writing is great too. some of my favorite records he has been on include superstars like 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake.

Oh yeah while I'm speaking of my favorites let me also mention The Way I Are lyrics and video as one of my favorites too.