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All Rap Lyrics To Major Artist

Hip-Hop Is Running The Primary Song Lyric

All Rap LyricsStop looking and searching for all rap lyrics by going to Google and Yahoo.

Now you can come right here and get the list of new hot songs via MP3 format or straight up words.

Make sure you bookmark this page so you can have evrything in one place period.

 HipHop is very large and with all the new album and artist hitting the scene weekly you can miss out on things at the blink of an eye.

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Lets Sing It

Sing 365


These are the top sites for the most up to date and current songs on the entire internet.

Hip-Hop producers make beats by the thousands on a dialy basis and one of my favorite professionals is Dr. Dre' and the other is a semi-pro over at Marinated Musiq. Websites like this one provides a forum or updated blog entries that don't miss anything when it comes down to getting the fresh hot new videos or words to music that we know you are searching for and want to hear. Rappers music lyric and hiphop lyric titles are always sketchy due to the fast rhyming or slured slang they use especially Nelly coming from St. Louis.

If you ever plan or have already been to a concert then you better know the words to each song before you get there because the chances are the person next to you is a die hard fan and will probably curse you out or rag on you all night for not knowing the lyrics. You see hip hop community fans are some of the most loyal in the entertainment industry other than Rock-n-Roll fans. those people will go and see an entire tour from city to city. Whoa cowboy and cowgirls...that's too much.

Anyway as release dates hit for new songs we will have what you are looking for on our blog for the most part and if we are not blogging about it you can catch the updates on one on the above websites. Most of them have a message board and surely have a directory and archive button to help you find what you are looking for. Music news happens everyday which means if you are for real about staying in touch you need to visit this webpage at least three times a week.hip-hop

It doesn't matter if you think the hip-hop lyrics are the worst you have ever read or the best we will keep them in front of your face and current so you can have the option of even making that statement. They are all free for you and they will always be free. I don't know about the mp3s but definately noone will charge you to view some words an artist has written. Later on we are thinking about having a podacsting page so we can do things like satellite radio and have you downloading different shows we may braodcast. Now that's sick! Big Mac Rap