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Akon and Emenem Smack That Video

The I Want To Love You MP3 Too

This akon and emenem smack that video is really hot. As a matter of fact these two rap artist are a killer duo. I like the melody that Mr. Konvict music brings to hip hop. He does it a little better than 50 Cent who also has a pretyy good melodic gansta rap. It don't matter if you just want to listen too the locked up mp3 or the remix deat snoop dogg it's all good when it comes to this hip-hop artist.


I want to love you mp3, I really mean luv u...was probably the most downloaded song on the entire internet when it was dropped the first and second week. The Billboard charts showed that it was killing all the competition and proved that thise African Rapper was making millions of dollars not just in the United States but in the United Kingdom and in Nigeria...WHOA!akon and emenem smack that

I didn't realize how big hip-hop was overseas until I actually had madd people buying beats from me on my production website from countries like Japan, China and Germany including the countries I previously listed. Music is a timeless form of art and everyone I know literally loves music and all things about it especially hiphop news. Videos are some of the most popular forms of entertainment on the internet today. This is why Google and YouTube have had the tremendous amount of success with it's broadcasting website. Friends are sharing homemade video feeds daily by the thousands on the site. Also Radio podcasting plays a huge part in the media spread.

Akon Music Videos are sought after by many people and that's one of the main reasons I have shoosen to write this short article on him.

I don't mention much about his biography but you can read it if you want. The bio is pretty interesting and the photos of him along with other event pics are pretty good too. As AKON continues to wow the United states with his music I'm sure for years that his discography will get larger and larger. Pretty soon finding information on him or megastar Eminem will be childs play. Blogging and journaling online about rap artist like these two is fun for website owners like myself because they give us so much to talk about and that's always good.

Song lyrics are written for fans like us to be able to rock in our ipods and bump in our cars with 12 inch woofers and crossed over Kenwoods Amps. I'm just like T.I. I like my beat down low with my top let back. Man between the Ringtones and and iTunes I stay with the hottest videos and MP3s in the hip hop world. I keep an eye on the hot new stuff bu watching BET 106 and Park amd MTV or VH1. They usually have the world premieres and that where I go to town.