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There Are Advantages to Learning a Second Languages

Hip Hop Is Going Universal and Language Is Important

advantages to learning a second languagesAre there really advantages to learning a second languages. Well as a producer of Hip Hop I would have to say yes. Sure English is the most popular by far but I think that some teaching of Spanish is due very soon. Foreign affairs and currency is getting more relevant each and everyday.

I make travels to the UK and other places overseas due to music and it would be so much easier if I knew a second language.

I plan on taking some classes because when you are able to converse with someone in their country you can get much further than relying on guides or books to try and coach you.

Grammar in any Country is important but when you are able to cross the barrier lines it's that much better. Mexicans prove this in the United States by sticking together. just go to any major corporation and ask if the people who work there are paid more to do a job because they are bilingual.

Of course you need to have a certificate proving it and you must be able to speak it fluently but it's worth it. I hate to say this but immigrant workers are taking over because there is a language barrier between them and the Americans. So if you ask me an investment in software is better than taking a college course and more effect when it comes to taking a test.

Hip Hop and music entertainment period is crossing all kinda of country lines and many artist should consider taking up a second language. Semi-Famous women like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba are making great moves in the entertainment industry and are crushing chicks like Beyonce and Fergie.

If those two women knew how to sing their hit songs in another language they would be 10 times more popular and would sell millions more albums just ask Jennifer Lopez.