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tupac and biggieHip Hop Musics have really gone a long way since the days of bboys spinning on cardboard boxes listening to what is now called underground rap.

Believe it or not at one point in time it was all un-commercialized.

All a Dj had was a couple of turnatables with some old records that he vigourously scratched backwards and forwards to make some crazy sounds to go with trash cans and lids being banged as drums.

Now all you can get is hip hop music that it over downloaded on millions of ipods as mp3 songs with a bunch of rap artist complaining about the free ones.

Well equipment and this urban culture is not what it use to be folks. If you think hiphop is the same then I have some bad news for you it's not. Especially when it comes to hip hop honeys. In my opnion you can get more authentic rap music from a holyhiphop rapper that is not getting paid the millions of dollars that he or shw deserves.

If you ever get a chance go read some reviews on some of these freestyle rap artist. Just go to Google and look up underground hip-hop. The majority of these talented artist have beats that you can really get a great dancing movement to especially if you are a b-girl or b-boy.

So What's With The Albums Now Days?

All Eyes On Me - This is one of the best albums ever recorded in Hip Hop history. Not only did Tupac write this entire record in a matter of days, he also laid the vocals to the tracks with about 87% perfection the first time at the mic. 

hip hop musicsThis is a question I am really afraid to answer but I will make an honest attempt. You see equipment has gotten more powerful and less expensive due to software so everybody and there mama literally thinks they can rap or produce beats. Am I joking when I tell you this? No! News flash, some of the biggest names in the rap and videos game are garbage. No talent to rap or represent hiphop what-so-ever. Do they still get madd props for there whack lyrics though? Yes! Also - baller http://amiibos.org Also another thing people don't understand about damn fitness are fucking Bowflex Machines and that is one of the best ways to listen to your music and get fit.

Snopp Dogg Honestly take a review of the last couple of tracks that you have heard on the radio right now. I don'Buffy-the-Body-See-The-Exclusive-Pics-Here.html">naked chick in it I think I will throw-up and I love women. I just hate when a honey has to shake it on film to cover up for a weak 16 bars writing.

Hopefully we can get some change in the next generation of rappers and r&b singers or I will have to buy all the classic albums of the real deal MC's. I am not holding my breathe either that'news1" target="_new">blog everyday.

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